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Benkelman Beam deflection

The Benkelman Beam equipment used was a standard beam. The beam was calibrated using metal plates of known thickness prior to testing. The pavement deflection is measured by this beam which consists of a slender beam 3.66m long pivoted at a distance of 2.44m from the tip. By suitably placing the probe between the dual wheels of a loaded truck, is it possible to measure the rebound and residual deflections of the pavement structure. While the rebound deflection is the one related to pavement performance, the residual deflection may be due to non-recoverable deflection of the pavement or because of the influence of the deflection bowl on the front legs of the beam. Rebound deflection is used for overlay design.   A truck having rear axle weighing 8,170 kg fitted with dual tyre inflated to a pressure of 5.6 kg/cm2 was used for loading the pavement. The load on the rear axle was measured using the permanent weighbridge.Pavement deflection was measured using the Canadian Good Road Association (C.G.R.A.) procedure as described in IRC: 81-1997:

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