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Roughness Test or Bump Integrator

Pavement roughness is generally defined as an expression of irregularities/ unevenness in the pavement surface that adversely affect the ride quality of a vehicle (and thus the user). Roughness is an important pavement characteristic because it affects not only ride quality but also vehicle delay costs, fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Roughness survey has been carried out with “Towed Fifth Wheel Bump Integrator”. The equipment was run on the entire road stretch under study for all the lanes of carriageway for each wheel path and the average value of Unevenness Index (UI) is expressed in terms of mm/ Km.  The survey was conducted, in such a way that, vehicle runs along both inner and outer lanes of the left carriageway (LHS) as well as the right carriageway (RHS) for 4 or 2 lane road. Bump Integrator was towed at a constant speed of 32+/-0.5 Kmph. Readings are taken at every 100m interval. The values obtained were corrected by using the calibration equation which is certified by CRRI.

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